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Real Estate Porn to Avatar – full circle

At a recent Luxury Real Estate conference, 924 Bel Air Rd, Bel Air California was featured by the proud, excited and soon-to-be-very-well-paid listing agent as one of The Best and Most Innovative Contemporary Estates on Earth. Its price, $250,000,000 ($30M of which is a car collection)! What does $250,000,000 dollars buy you in that market?  Well there’s the requisite roof-top helipad, home mega theatre, 15 car garage, 4-lane bowling alley, your own candy shop, commanding Los Angeles views and the finest Italian marble that exists outside of the Vatican.  But, there’s also the accomplished satisfaction for the buyer knowing they are THE whale in a sizable pond when it comes to bragging rights on the “so, where do you live?” conversation.

Life with a Mysterious Ocean View

Costa Rica is filled with natural mysteries in which visitors come from all corners of the world to explore and discover. One of the grandest mysteries of South Pacific Costa Rica lies in the town of Uvita. The infamous Whale’s Tail, housed in the Marino Ballena National Park, is a popular natural attraction found in this stunning part of Costa Rica. What is the Whale’s Tail? The Whale’s Tail is a larger than life rock formation on the coastline which takes the form of, you guessed it… a whale’s tail! This particular location is also where hundreds of humpback whales gather each year for mating. How was this mystery of nature created? Currents which deposit sand on top of the rock here have made a unique tail-shape. This is quite the natural oddity that has newcomers and repeat visitors arrive each year to see it for themselves.


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